Old news from 2011 to 2016

2016-11 SequenceServer 1.0.9 - important bug fix.

2016-04 Hiten Chowdhary joins the team to extend and improve visualisation of BLAST results in SequenceServer as part of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with Open Genome Informatics.

2016-03 SequenceServer 1.0.8 - bug fixes and improved Apache integration.

2016-03 One-line setup with Docker - only need path to database sequences.

2016-03 Expanded, updated, and improved documentation to cover common scenarios.

2016-02 SequenceServer cited in over 20 publications and downloaded over 34,000 times from RubyGems.

2015-12/2016-02 SequenceServer 1.0.6 & 1.0.7

2015-11 bioRxiv preprint - Sequenceserver: a modern graphical user interface for custom BLAST databases.

2015-11 SequenceServer 1.0.5 - fixes issues on Ruby 1.8.7, minor enhancement.

2015-05 SequenceServer 1.0.4 - taxonomy data in tabular output, other fixes and enhancements to the HTML report.

2015-05 SequenceServer 1.0.3 - critical bug fix, ability to embed in iframe.

2015-03 SequenceServer 1.0.2 - installation and UI enhancements.

2015-03 SequenceServer 1.0.1 - minor enhancement.

2015-03 SequenceServer 1.0.0 - completely new user interface, assistive setup and tons of new features.

2015-02 SequenceServer 1.0.0 pre-release. Entirely new user interface and tons of new features.

2013-2014 Development ongoing (check the github log or mailing list ); contributors, contributions & citations always welcome!

2012-12 Learn more or get help on SequenceServer's Google Group discussion forum.

2012-08 SequenceServer cited: Elphick MR (2012) The Protein Precursors of Peptides That Affect the Mechanics of Connective Tissue and/or Muscle in the Echinoderm Apostichopus japonicus. PLoS ONE.

2012-06 SequenceServer 0.8.0 with loads of interface improvements released: automagic BLAST method selection, index for multi-query BLAST, sequence type feedback, to name a few.

2011-12 SequenceServer needs your help. Contribute to a useful real world Bioinformatics project by squashing some bugs or improving features . Great opportunity for CS or Webdesign students interested in Bioinformatics or Usability. In particular, our twitter bootstrap CSS interface has potential. Please get in touch.

Ongoing Bugs being resolved & improvements being made. Check the GitHub page for recent activity.

2011-06-09 SequenceServer is now beta1.

2011-06-01 SequenceServer can use Rack & Passenger to integrate existing Apache web servers.

2011-02-01 SequenceServer was deployed on the Fourmidable ant genome database simultaneously with the publication of three ant genomes.