SequenceServer API

This document describes how to access SequenceServer functionality programmatically using the command line.

The documentation is based on version 2.0.0.rc4

Example invocations use curl and jq.

$BASEURL in the examples is the URL of your SequenceServer instance. E.g. http://localhost:4567 if you are running on default localhost URL.

The accompanying script is a working shell script to submit a BLAST job and get results.

Getting list of databases

GET: /searchdata.json

In order to submit a Blast job, you have to know the IDs of the Blast databases. This endpoint retrieves information about the databases in JSON format.

curl $BASEURL/searchdata.json | jq --raw-output '.database[].id'

The above command gets the IDs of the databases

Submitting a query


Form parameters


Successful submission results in a 303 HTTP status code.


  1. To query a single database using blastn:

    curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -Fdatabases[]=3c0a5bc06f2596698f62c7ce87aeb62a $BASEURL

  2. To query multiple databases, add extra -Fdatabases[] arguments, e.g.

    curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -Fdatabases[]=3c0a5bc06f2596698f62c7ce87aeb62a -Fdatabases[]=2f8c0e19d8d5b8ab225962d7284a6cbf $BASEURL

  3. Getting location header - you need this in order to retrieve the results

    jobUrl=$(curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -Fdatabases[]=3c0a5bc06f2596698f62c7ce87aeb62a --write-out '%{redirect_url}' $BASEURL)

  4. Altering the evalue threshold and adding a gap penalty:

    curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -Fdatabases[]=3c0a5bc06f2596698f62c7ce87aeb62a -Fadvanced="-evalue 1.0e-8 -gapopen 1 -gapextend 1" $BASEURL

Retrieving results

GET: /{jobId}.json

Path variables



curl -o myresults.json $BASEURL/069b56c8-25bd-451e-b117-dc996a1aed24.json

Results in other formats

GET: /download/{jobId}.{format}

Path variables


curl -o myresults.xml $BASEURL/download/069b56c8-25bd-451e-b117-dc996a1aed24.xml
curl -o myresults.tsv $BASEURL/download/069b56c8-25bd-451e-b117-dc996a1aed24.std_tsv
curl -o myresults-full.tsv $BASEURL/download/069b56c8-25bd-451e-b117-dc996a1aed24.full_tsv

Downloading hits

Download hits in FASTA format.

POST: /get_sequence

Form parameters


curl -X POST -Fsequence_ids=SPAC1002.01,SPAC1002.02 -Fdatabase_ids=2f8c0e19d8d5b8ab225962d7284a6cbf  $BASEURL/get_sequence