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What's next?

You can add users and databases .

Just head to the administrator dashboard:

Administrator Dashboard at
  • Use your email address to log in. We'll send you a secure login link.
  • If you want an additional team member to be able to configure your instance, just let us know.
  • To ensure compatibility, we recommend uploading clean FASTA files rather than pre-formatted databases.
  • You can request access to a standard database such as SwissProt, PDB, or NR by sending us an email.

Running BLAST

Once you've added databases, you can run BLAST searches against them.

To do this, simply head to:

Run BLAST at

This is also the address you can share with your team members. You'll need to login again.

History of BLAST searches

A history of the queries that you and your team have submitted will be accessible at:

Search History at

This is normally only visible to administrators. If instead, you'd like everyone on your team to see it, let us know.

Frequently asked questions

We have answers to many common questions on the FAQ section of the website.

Reaching out

We'd love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us:

We'll try to get back to you as quick as we can (usually within 24/48 hours).