API for programmatic remote BLAST to SequenceServer instances

SequenceServer Cloud provides dedicated secure servers to BLAST your data and visualize results. Sometimes, you just want to do this programmatically.

Here, we have examples for Python and the unix command-line. The same principles could be carried over to other languages such as R, Go, or Java.

Python API for remote BLAST

This repository provides a lightweight Python API wrapper to SequenceServer Cloud users to execute BLAST queries against DBs on their SequenceServer Cloud instance.

Here’s an example of how it works:

from sequenceserver.sequenceserver_api import SequenceServerApi
import os

base_url = os.environ.get("SEQUENCESERVER_INSTANCE_URL", "https://YOURINSTANCE.sequenceserver.com")

sequence_server = SequenceServerApi(base_url, api_token=api_token)

# Get instance configuration

# Get databases with the basic set of attributes

# Get databases with a full set of attributes

# Select databases to query e.g. here we're selecting all nucleotide databases
databases = [db["id"] for db in sequence_server.get_databases() if db["type"] == "nucleotide"]

blast_search_type = "tblastn"

advanced_opts = "-evalue 1.0e-8"

# Submit a BLAST job and get its ID back
job_id = sequence_server.submit_blast_job(blast_search_type, query_seq, databases, advanced_opts)

# Poll for a response, jobs can take a while depending on the DB size and query complexity
response = sequence_server.poll_job(job_id)

# Get the results of the job in selected format
# Available formats: "xml", "std_tsv", "full_tsv"
print(sequence_server.get_job_result(job_id, "xml"))

Command-line API for SequenceServer

This document describes how to access SequenceServer functionality programmatically using the command line. The concept can be extended to R or any other language that can make HTTP requests.

The documentation is based on version 2.0.0.rc4

Example invocations use curl and jq.

$BASEURL in the examples is the URL of your SequenceServer instance. E.g. http://localhost:4567 if you are running on default localhost URL.

The accompanying script blastnAllDbs.sh is a working shell script to submit a BLAST job and get results.

Getting list of databases

GET: /searchdata.json

In order to submit a Blast job, you have to know the IDs of the Blast databases. This endpoint retrieves information about the databases in JSON format.

curl $BASEURL/searchdata.json | jq --raw-output '.database[].id'

The above command gets the IDs of the databases

Submitting a query


Form parameters


Successful submission results in a 303 HTTP status code.


  1. To query a single database using blastn:

    curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -Fdatabases[]=3c0a5bc06f2596698f62c7ce87aeb62a $BASEURL

  2. To query multiple databases, add extra -Fdatabases[] arguments, e.g.

    curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -Fdatabases[]=3c0a5bc06f2596698f62c7ce87aeb62a -Fdatabases[]=2f8c0e19d8d5b8ab225962d7284a6cbf $BASEURL

  3. Getting location header - you need this in order to retrieve the results

    jobUrl=$(curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -Fdatabases[]=3c0a5bc06f2596698f62c7ce87aeb62a --write-out '%{redirect_url}' $BASEURL)

  4. Altering the evalue threshold and adding a gap penalty:

    curl -v -X POST -Fsequence=ATGTTACCACCAACTATTAGAATTTCAG -Fmethod=blastn -Fdatabases[]=3c0a5bc06f2596698f62c7ce87aeb62a -Fadvanced="-evalue 1.0e-8 -gapopen 1 -gapextend 1" $BASEURL

Retrieving results

GET: /{jobId}.json

Path variables



curl -o myresults.json $BASEURL/069b56c8-25bd-451e-b117-dc996a1aed24.json

Results in other formats

GET: /download/{jobId}.{format}

Path variables


curl -o myresults.xml $BASEURL/download/069b56c8-25bd-451e-b117-dc996a1aed24.xml
curl -o myresults.tsv $BASEURL/download/069b56c8-25bd-451e-b117-dc996a1aed24.std_tsv
curl -o myresults-full.tsv $BASEURL/download/069b56c8-25bd-451e-b117-dc996a1aed24.full_tsv

Downloading hits

Download hits in FASTA format.

POST: /get_sequence

Form parameters


curl -X POST -Fsequence_ids=SPAC1002.01,SPAC1002.02 -Fdatabase_ids=2f8c0e19d8d5b8ab225962d7284a6cbf  $BASEURL/get_sequence

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